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DGT Driving Theory Test

The Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) usually issues the driving licenses in Spain. The DGT is the government entity that is responsible for managing road safety in Spain by setting standards for driving education, conducting driving exams, and qualifying instructors. It ensures that drivers are equipped with necessary skills to manage vehicles with minimum risk. All applicants must be residing in Spain for obtaining a Spanish driver’s license. You can achieve your license through driving schools or by personally visiting the office.

The DGT driving theory test is to evaluate your capability, knowledge, and skill to drive a specific vehicle. Currently, the estimated cost of the driving theory test is 94.05 Euros. This gives you three chances to pass the theory and practical tests altogether. The DGT theory test certificate is valid up-to two years from the date you clear. It’s important to note that validity period applies for both car and motorcycle theory tests.

About DGT Driving Theory Test

You can understand better about the DGT driving theory test as you approach the Spanish driving theory test practice available on various online websites. The DGT driving theory test may be on paper or digital. The theory exam has 30 questions in total. During the test only 3 wrong answers are acceptable. The passing score you need to achieve is 90% or above. Therefore, make sure that you are thorough with all the topics related to driving. Study early in hand and prepare well strategically. Get accustomed to all major topics, prioritise, and create notes. This will benefit you as you draw near to the exam date. Clear all your doubts before the exam so that you have clarity on the subject.

The applicant is free to make a choice of Language to give the DGT Driving Theory Test and choose between Spanish or English. You have to priorly mention in the form while you register for the exam. If you fail the test, you can attempt it again without payment. Nonetheless, if you fail again the Third time, you will be allowed to attempt after paying the exam fees again.

Steps involved in achieving the driving license in Spain

Spain is a member of EU (European Union) and EEA (European Economic Area). Spanish Driving Licenses are European driving licenses adhering to Directive 2006/126/EC and valid throughout the EEA. Usually, the license can be obtained after passing the two tests namely, theory exam and practical exam.

Following are the step-by-step guide to acquire driving licence:-

Step1: Enrolment- For the purpose of attaining a Spanish driving License one has to first enrol for the test by applying for the DGT driving theory test online through their website or in person. Applications must be registered at the Provincial and Local Traffic Headquarters with the registration fees of 200 Euros. Enrol in any authorised driving school or apply directly at DGT office for Spanish Driving License. Log in with your email id and get access to study materials including theoretical book and summaries available on official website which are required to pass the exam.

Step 2: Theory Classes- Effective Theory classes will have positive impact on practical training. DGT guides to find the best Driving school who will provide you ample resources to prepare for DGT theory test. You can also, download study materials from official website which will teach you everything about driving. Website practice tests are best means to try before attempting the official one. Go to our website and attempt all quizzes in Spanish driving theory test practice which resembles the actual test. Practice until you are confident.


Step3: Physical Examination: In Spain, for driving a vehicle one requires to get a physical examination that is medical tests. To achieve this, you need to visit an authorised medical centre and get a complete check-up including eyesight, physical health, and mental health. Get a certificate to prove your visual acuity atleast 0.5 eyesight, physical as well as mental fitness certificates.

Step 4: Practical Classes: To prepare for practical test which follows the passing of DGT driving theory test you need to drive in public roads. It is advisable to take the Driving classes from an authorised driving school or a certified driving instructor who can render quality time and quality driving education ensuring to instil in you the qualities of a responsible driver.

Step 5: Official Exam: Once you are confident to take the DGT driving theory test, you have to book an appointment with your area’s Spanish Traffic Department (DGT) office to process your request. Based on the type of license you have the liberty to choose the preferred language to write the test. Mention clearly and confirm while registering in the application form.

You need to verify your required documents of residence in Spain and attach your NIE or Passport, Medical Certificate and 2 passport-size photos. The officials will call you personally and inform you about the date and time of the exam. Be punctual and well-prepared for the exam. Scoring is point based like for small mistakes you lose 1 point, for medium 5 and biggest mistake 10 points. You will be informed about your result the same day. You can assess the result online on DGT site.

Step 6: Drivers Licence Card: After passing the DGT driving theory test you can download the temporary driver’s license from a DGT website which is valid for 3 months. The actual driving license will arrive at your address within 2 months after passing the Practical exams. You will be given ‘L’ plate which must be affixed at the back windscreen of your vehicle where it can be seen by other drivers indicating that you are a new driver. Henceforth, you must always carry all driving related documents along with Driving license, proof of insurance and DGT test passing certificate whenever you are driving in Spain.

Type Of Test

Meet the following requirements to obtain a Spanish driving License:

  1. 1. Application form and printed fee form.
  2. 2. You need to have a proof of residing in Spain not beyond 3 months or residing for atleast for 6 consecutive months.
  3. 3. Self-signed declaration form that not beyond 3 months You are not suspended or banned from driving motor vehicles.
  4. 4. Self-signed declaration form that You are mentally and physically fit for a category of license issued by the Authorized Drivers check Centre with one photograph which will be valid for 90 days.
  5. 5. You must meet the age requirements related to a particular license.
  6. 6. Documentation must coincide your application form to take the driving tests.
  7. 7. 2 Original colored Passport size photographs (32*26mm)
Mock Theory Test

Different Categories based on Age Eligibility and Types of Driver’s Licenses

In Spain there are different categories of License based on the type and class of the vehicle like mopeds, cars, good vehicles, agricultural vehicles, more. Each class has specific tests to undergo. Listed below are the Categories of Licenses:

  1. AM (Mopeds with 2 or 3 wheels and light vehicles with 50cc 4 wheels)
  2. A1 permit (Motorcycles with maximum engine power of 11kW and 125cc): The Age eligibility is 16 years or above and it cannot be obtained in English.
  3. A2 permit (Motocycles with maximum engine power of 35kW a power-to-weight ratio of under 0.2kWkg): The Age eligibility is 18 years or above and the licence cannot be obtained in English.
  4. B permit (Cars or Vehicles 3,500kg or less with a maximum of 9 spots, including the driver’s seat): The age eligibility here is 18 or above and you can take the theory and practical exam in English.
  5. C permit (Vehicles over 3,500kg- Trucks): The age eligibility is 21 years or above and theory exam can’t be attempted in English.
  6. D permit (Passenger Vehicles- Buses): The Age eligibility is 24 years and above and theory exam can’t be attempted in English.

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